Chuck and Guts

Chuck Palahniuk has a new novel out, called Haunted. I haven't read it; I imagine it's too newly published to be available yet in the local book shops here in Kl. But Kino could surprise me by stocking it already this week, I shouldn't wonder. Maybe copies are already facing the front of the store, right now, up in the New Books rack.

I read Fight Club, which was made into a movie starring Brad Pitt. I saw the movie first before reading the book, which happened to be a free gift inside the wrapping of a video magazine. I'm looking forward to read Haunted. Because I read that he caused some people to faint in his book promotion tour, when he read one of the stories, "Guts". Ambulances waited outside the reading venue, to pick up fainting listeners. And he threw plastic body parts at his listening audience for good measure. If those sitting listening didn't faint, a faux bloody limb would do the trick.


  1. bibliobibuli says

    Throwing body parts? We could so do with something like this here to wake everyone up. If the author can't come over here himself, maybe you could volunteer to read it yourself with special effects.

    Leon Wing says

    That sounds like a great idea! We could convene somewhere - a pub, a gallery - and have a sort of reading-karaoke of other people's writings.

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