Is it alright for me to rhyme?

'Is it alright for me to rhyme?' by Leon Wing

Is it alright for me to rhyme?
Is it okay right now, and time
To go ahead and put one word
After the next, and watch a cord
Of silly syllables all strung
Together, line by line, all hung
Inside one little stanza, bold
As brass, so twee I shudder, cold.


  1. Adam C says

    Just passing by... your words captured my attention... I love it when I find poetry on blogs. ANyways.. A new blogger here, looking for readers. If it rings anything in you, please keep visiting

    And keep posting your poems!

    bibliobibuli says

    Wow wow!!!! Love it!

    Leon Wing says

    Gosh, you do? I really enjoyed working on it. I seldom - almost never - work with this many rhymes, or this sort of rhyming scheme before. I thought I'd give a go at it, and make the surface scheme all swinging and rolling. But beneath the lines there is another layer, something a little sombre and dark.

    XMOCHA! says

    i really like this one, more please.

    Leon Wing says

    Hi Xmocha, I'll try and oblige you with more.

    Mag says

    I loved this one so much Leon, the right words in the right places...absolute expression and so concise...

    Leon Wing says

    Hi Mag, glad you loved this poem. It was fun to write it too.

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