Forgive me farther,
For it has been two weeks since
My last confection
Of prose and poems,
Of which the last couple I have gone metric,
Rhyming like nobody’s business.

Forgive me further, for I have seen
No light to guide my errant fingers
Back onto my keyboard,

For they have been in the grips
Of pages and pages of
Intrigue, lusts, desires, heartaches, pain,
And all manner of emotions and confrontations.

And I must gravely confess
To roving eyes over heaving
Words and writings all
Not of my doing
But of Hari Kunzru, Jane Gardam,
Nadine Gordimer, Ali Smith, and more.

Forgive me still farther
If by exactly seven days
I don’t wrench my sweaty palms
Off pages by these people and their ilk,
And put fingers to key pads
For a new blog posting.

Three Hail Mary!

© Leon Wing 2005


  1. bibliobibuli says

    Goodness, Catholic guilt shows through even as you talk about blog guilt. (Having appeased bookguilt, it seems.)

    Please do tell what you thought of what you read!!

    Leon Wing says

    Hari Kunzru's Transmission reads like an American thriller from mid-book, when the leela virus was beginning its destruction of company networks all over the world. Very funny, too, especially Arjun, the Indian tech geek working in the US.

    I really like the way - her style - Ali Smith writes in all her short stories in The Whole Story.

    Jane Gardam: she has been one of my fav writers ever since God on the Rocks. Her latest Old Filth is about a character who has lived all over Asia, including HK and East Malaysia. The town in East Malaysia is very fictional, and is supposed to be like KK.

    Nadine Gordimer, as usual, writes great short stories about South Africa: Loot and other Stories has absorbing tales.

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