‘Unveiling the botty of the virgin’

If you are passing through blogs stop at mine
Read the ones you find in here and Oh er
Look down lines below these few here, then stop
And click this link to read. It is as if


  1. thewailer says

    Hello Leon, I find your insights on 'The Vision of the Virgin by Ian Duhig' helpful in understanding poetry reading :)

    Leon Wing says

    Glad that posting helped in any way to promote poetry reading!

    thewailer says

    Hello Leon, I would be honoured if you'd visit my poetry page thewailerscove.blogspot.com

    Sharanya Manivannan says

    Hehehe. :) Glad to be on board for Puisy-Poesy with you, Leon! I've started blogging, btw. ;)

    bibliobibuli says

    i like the ending to this post. thing is i think it has been tried before!

    Leon Wing says

    Sharon, actually you are right. It has been tried before, because I used the same beat scheme of Duhig's Virgin Vision poem. It's not plagirism though, as the words in here are ALL mine. I just wanted to show that if you know intimately how Duhig's poem works you can imitate it technically.

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