Don't think I can do this

I don't think I can do this, bring month-old kittens into SPCA, knowing they might have to be put down. It's too wrenching.

Last weekend I found three kittens near the back of the house abused by some child spawn of the Devil. He - I should call him it - had poured water over them and thrown one into a filthy drain. I found it clinging to the side of the drain for dear life. I picked it up, collected the remaining wet ones, cleaned them up and took them in a taxi to the SPCA.

There, some volunteer or staff listened to my story, called out a stoic young vet, who took just one look at the kittens and unceremoniously pronounced their fate: They're too young, they have to be put down, tomorrow morning. That's it.

Did I do the kittens a bad turn rescuing them but really sending them to to their death? SPCA assured me later that this is done humanely, when I phoned back to complain what was the point of rescuing animals from cruelty, the streets, when SPCA merely takes them in and puts them down the next day. The staff explained that they'd look at the animal brought in and know definitely if it can be homed or not.

The kittens were from a brood of four by one particular tabby I couldn't manage to catch and spay. So she's going to have babies every year and every year I have to go through this process with the SPCA because I can't feed too many strays;I really cannot, I'm already feeding five now.

Actually when I first found the new-born kittens a month back, I already had in mind to deliver them to the SPCA in two months time. A staff from a government animal clinic advised me on this. But unfortunately with that incident I had to do it way before it's due. Which could be a good thing for me, as well as for them. For me, so that I don't start to bond with them, making it very difficult to surrender them. For them, so that they don't have to suffer again in the hands of entities like that child.

However, one kitten, a tan and white, escaped the devil child - and me - but I managed to come across it one morning. I was relieved it was a male so I can stay bringing it to the SPCA; it won't breed any kittens.


  1. Ben Samin says
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    Ben Samin says

    Then let's pray that they don't start a "kentucky fried kitten" franchise.

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