Bump into famous writer in Kino

He can legitimately be called famous, now that he is longlisted in this year's Man Booker for his first book, The Gift of Rain. I bumped into Tan Twan Eng, also wandering around, like me, in Kino this morning, before 11:30 am. (Actually I was behind him - no, not stalking - just happened to recognise him.)

He had just been to the Aussie High Comm. No, he wasn't going there on some book tour; it was about his friend. He said he was here (in the country) to work. I took that to be he was on a legal case.

(Sorry, what's after the above is deleted - Sharon says No No Tan needs his privacy. If so, Sorry Tan. and good luck)

PS. Tan, if you think it's oK - if you are reading this, or have read the last edit - please let me know if I can re-instate the last edit. Thanks.


  1. Chet says

    I'm sure he recognised you, too, since you two were chatting at Seksan's on Saturday!

    bibliobibuli says

    leon - are you sure he wants the world to know this? i know a "scoop" is nice but authors need some privacy too.

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