When did Malaysian censors decide 'girl' is now a 4-letter word?

When the 51st Grammy showed Katy Perry sing, yesterday.

They butchered her song, 'I Kissed a Girl', throughout her performance, muting off 'girl'.

If any viewer was new to Katy Perry or her song, he might have been guessing: Was she saying "I kissed her ass?"

Well, that word is one of many our censors here have get to grips with in their oh-so-tough job, so that our telly viewers won't fall by the moral wayside and go insane. But, for pete's sake, the word is GIRL. Even if it is a 4-letter word!

Later in the evening I witnessed more air-headed censoring going on in the first scene of Vicar of Dibley on BBC Entertainment. The censors just didn't get the joke, when the secretary was reading out his shorthand very, very slowly. Fortunately I already saw this episode when it was first aired last year.


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