Writing tips fom award-winner Patrick Ness

UK's charity which promotes reading, Booktrust, has just installed Patrick Ness as its writer in residence - virtually.

Ness won a children's book award recently, the 2008 Booktrust Teenage Prize, for The Knife of Never Letting Go.

Here's how Ness puts it, as Booktrust's first-ever online writer in residence, rather self-effacingly: "It’s an online writer-in-residency, so it’s not like I’m getting a cliffside retreat with dramatic views of Bodmin Moor or anything (grumble grumble). The benefit of being online, though, is that it’s open and available to everyone to come and have a peek, and this is regardless of age, younger writers just starting out being particularly welcome. So roll up, roll up! There are plenty of good things in store."

Besides merely blogging, Ness will be offering tips on writing, in a separate blog.

So, don't miss his tips, and his blog posts, because they'll only be up in Bookrust's site from March to September this year.


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