Memories about Bobby

I'm going to remember Bobby during the good times, when he was so alive.

Bobby was (I nearly wrote is) really an accident. How so? In human terms, that would mean he was born out of wedlock, etc, love child.  He looked quite like his daddy, the same kind of marking.  His mother is feral. She is one of the daughters of Bobby's granny, Mimi.

Bobby somehow managed to avoid being nearly drowned in a drain by neighborhood children.  I rescued his brothers and sisters, then probably just a few weeks old.  When a human touches a feral cat's young ones, she might not take them back.  Anyway, whether the mother wanted her kittens back or not, I then decided it would be better to bring them to the SPCA in Ampang.  There, when I surrendered them, the vet said they were too young to be kept there and would have to be euthanised.  You can imagine the distress - and guilt (been feeling this a lot now) - I felt then.

Back home sans Bobby's brothers and sisters, I was surprised to find him wandering around at the back of the house.  Of course, now, I couldn't - and wouldn't - give him to the SPCA and let him suffer the same fate as his siblings.  Thereafter I practically hand-raised Bobby: fed him milk, and when he got a little bigger, introduced him to solid food. He was developing some kind of mange, I think, all over his ears and by the side of his nose.  Every day I picked at the scrappy skin and applied some ointment, till his skin healed nicely.  Sometimes I helped cleaned his ears; which he couldn;t do without his mother.

A year and more I was falling for Bobby as he grew bigger and more fetching.  He loved to climb onto my lap and be held and stroked.  During lunch, he got very excited when I opened a new tin of cat food.

Taken in July this year

taken with the older Nokia

March, still not that fat

Being cute

like he's being shy

I'm the king of the world

think this was taken just after his lunch - big tum tum

taken in July, with the old Nokia. Quality time with Bobby

Giving me a kiss, from my POV, but actually he's nipping my beard


  1. Chet says

    What's that on his forehead, above his nose?

    Leon Wing says

    It's his distinctive marking. Now that I look at the pictures again, I find it looks like some kind of third eye.

    Bobby was very,very intelligent. He loved attention.

    katztales says

    I'm so sorry to hear Bobby died. We're purring for you. Au and Target were street cats too - although you'd never believe it if you saw their very prosperous looking tocks!

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