Won copy of NW14!!!

I just won myself a copy of New Writing 14, from a Brit Council competition.

I went there this morning to collect, and after, went to Kino to check if the store already had it on the shelves. That's because in June, just after NW14 was out in the UK (my posting here), I booked a copy from Kino. No, still not yet.

The price is 9.99 Pounds, I checked on the back of the book; that's about 60 to 71 Ringgit. So I saved this amount when Kino has it and not giving a 20% off.

Well, not really saved that amount, as I took home Kate Atkinson's and Margaret Drabble's latests; which, after 20 percent off, are still just over 100 Ringgit, another savings of 30 to 40 Ringgit.


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