Pics of readings at Bangsar yesterday

 Sharon introducing and talking about the next writer 
 Ted Mahsun 
 To the right, Sharanya (in deep contemplation?) and Ashok 
 Jessie Michael, one of the writers from a local short story collection, Snapshots 
  Saradha Narayanan, also witing in Snapshots 
 The audience listening to the reading 
 One of the interesting art objects placed around this gallery 
  The food and drinks  
After the 3rd reader there was a short break when we drank soft drinks and wine and ate some chips with some dippings some nice lady made herself. After this there were three more readers to go, but I had to leave earlier, after 5, so I couldn't take their pictures. See the pics of the remaining readers, and others, at Sharon's blog, and still more - artistic ones - at Sharanya's.  
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  1. bibliobibuli says

    very nice pictures, leon!

    Sharanya Manivannan says

    Hi Leon - nice to see you at the reading. Btw, the link to my post is broken. The correct one is

    Leon Wing says

    Thanks Sharon.

    Sharanya, edited in your correct one.

    XMOCHA! says

    good to catch you Leon, see you soon at another of these gatherings. SM

    Leon Wing says

    Good to see you too, Xmocha!

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