Special Malaysia Editions

Whenever I come across Special plastered onto the label of a product I invariably - these days, mistakenly - impute onto it some extra quality, function, feature, etc. I came across one such labeling in Borders, on some covers of CDs selling for - gasp! - RM50 for two. Taking things for granted, blinded by the thought of the savings I'd be making - calculate: that's RM25 per, and RM20 off the regular price at Tower Records - I snatched up James Morrisson's Undiscovered and Snow Patrol's Eyes Open.

Actually, I could have saved a lot more even - I already have their songs as MP3s, er, illegally downloaded. But no worries to their local record distributor, as they can see that I have spent cash on acquiring their original CDs. Usually I download the MP3 more to sample the music, to decide if I want to get their CDs, legally.

Back home, after upwrapping the CDs, I discovered I was actually paying for what I was getting. For RM20 less I'm not getting any other pages or contents between the CDs' covers, except for two pages, and of course the front and back covers. Probably if there were an Extra Special Malaysia Edition, I'd be looking at only one piece of paper, with only the front and back covers.

Special Malaysia Edition, indeed.


  1. Kenny Mah says

    You know what they say --- Malaysia Boleh! O we can do oh so many things... But it ain't exactly ripping off. As you said, you get what you paid for.

    Kudos to you for buying original CDs. I gave up some years back and gave in to the .mp3 revolution.

    It won't be long before they'll pay us to listen to their music...

    Chet says

    At least you didn't get half a CD for the price you paid.

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