Poetry Slam in Bangsar

Poetry Slam

Click on the picture above to view the rest of the images taken at the Poetry Slam held at Seksan Gallery, Bangsar on 31st March 2007.


  1. Kenny Mah says

    Cool! Nice photos, I'll be using some of them for my blog post on the Slam soon, so thanks ahead of time, Leon! :)

    bibliobibuli says

    the unknown girl is liyana yusof and she writes very good poetry

    the pics are beautiful

    Chakra says

    That Sharanya Manivannan is a real beauty. I mean... look!! You captured her really well in that pic. Very full of life-- like her real self, not like some of the very morose pictures she takes and puts up of herself in the net and other places.

    Leon Wing says

    Go ahead, Kenny, u're welcome.

    Thanks Sharon. where can we read her work online, any blog? Another recruit potential for PP?

    Chakra, that's why picasaweb automatically chose a picture with her in it for the link.

    gRaCe says

    hey, Leon...great pictures. i'll also be grabbing a couple for my post. thanks in advance! =D

    Kenny Mah says

    Thanks, Leon! I used one of Marc Nair cos I didn't get a good one of him myself, plus one of Peter Brown and wife --- she looks like she's shaking her head off! Really cool.

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