BBC Litt short, Dan Rhode a screenplay

Toby Litt, the UK writer of Hospital, his new book out this month in the UK and here soon, has his short story Rare Books and Manuscripts adapted into a 12-minute BBC film. It's a very funny and endearing story about finding love in a library, through books.

Another of my favorite writers, Dan Rhodes,is having his last book The Little White Car adapted as a screenplay by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who also wrote the film version for Casino Royale. The story is about a French girl who thought she killed Princess Diana in the Paris car incident. She tries to get rid of her little white car bit by bit. Very, very funny.

I'm getting Gold this afternoon in Kino.


  1. Kenny Mah says

    So many books, so many stories, so little time. I've three books on my lap now waiting to be read and reviewed and I'm screaming for my mama!

    (See, this is why I'm not a full time reviewer...)

    Leon Wing says

    Do tell, what books you're gonna review soon.

    I still haven't stopped my book buying spree. I have a few of Kino's 20% vouchers, so I'm going to use them for more books before end of the month.

    MoozaMohd says

    hey, love dan rhodes too.. Anthropology was a delight read (short & significantly funny).. glad to know someone who reads him too :) cheerio

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