NW15 : from Gray to Glass

Got NW15 (New Writing 15) yesterday, from Kino, as per usual where I always go for my book-candies. Actually, I already booked it last month, right after finding out its release in UK, calling Kino and booking 2 other books besides, Maggie Gee's Blue and Nicola Barker's Darkmans.

There, in Kino, strolling around, I thought I'd check to see if NW15 was on the shelves - and it was! And only one copy! And - the Kino staff who took my order never even called me about it!! What if someone pre-empted me and there was no more copies left!

One of the most exciting find inside NW15 is a novel extract from Alasdair Gray's forthcoming new work. I'm a great Gray fan. I checked on the Net that Bloomsbury is bringing it out this October, as Old Men in Love. (In NW15 it was without the Old).

Online, I also happened to link to another Scots writer, Rodge Glass. He's new, young, and Jewish, and happened to have been Gray's assistant, and is to be his official biographer. And I happened then to have been reading the first couple of pages of his first novel, No Fireworks, which I just checked out a few hours back, from BC Lib.


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