Off my KFC

If you want to go off your Kentucky Fried chicken go read the pages in Marina Lewycka's new novel, Two Caravans, in which the character Tomasz was duped into working in a chicken farm. You see from his POV the horrific conditions in which chickens were raised for the fast food and supermarket industries: crammed in a warehouse, with no space to move, just eat and grow fat for the final slaughter.

I had some stomach crams that day I was reading those pages, from eating some stale biccies I thought should give me some energy. So the effect was all the more palpable - I could hurl.

I'm almost at the end of the book. So far I find it even better than Marina's first book.


  1. Ben Samin says

    Hey! that almost sounds like my childhood! horrific torture where i had to share a room with my brother and we'd peck and scratch at each other through all seasons.. how i can relate. one day when a tiger contemplates eating me, i hope dearly that it will consider my upbringing.. hahaha : ) how're u doing leon?

    Leon Wing says

    Ben, thanks for dropping. How are you ,too? I'm Ok. why don;t you drop by, for reall this time, at the monthly reading at Seksen Gallery, Bangsar, this saturday at 3.30 pm. You'd meet with all the PP members there, and then some. Go to Sharon's blog at, for details.

    Ben Samin says

    awww nuts, i have just only viewed your reply, sir. nothing up next?? good repartee is hard to come by nowadays. : )

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