Best bookstore in KL ... in Malaysia?

From a previous posting (if anyone actually read it) I wrote that I bought Nicola Barker's Darkmans, at a little less than a hundred ringgit. Yesterday at Kino I saw new copies - the same edition - being offered for just RM69.90 and with a 20% off, to boot!

I went to to find customer service to ask why my copy, which I bought not more than 3 weeks ago, was priced so high. The personnel, at first explained, that if I had returned the book within 7 seven days the price difference could have been taken cared of. However, she went to check with her manager to see if anything else might help. She then came back, and said I could bring my copy the next day and get a balance back, which I had to use to buy another book.

So, this morning I took my copy back to customer service and got a new price. I added ait more to the balance and took home 2 more books, Coetzee's latest and another paperback.


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