Reading short fiction - everyday

I really enjoy reading from my Nokia phone these days. I would connect to my Gmail for the phone. Especially since I have been getting short fiction delivered to my mail box daily (well, almost), from a site

If I don't or cannot connect using my phone (credits low or no more) I usually cut and paste the stories into Word, after retrieving them in my gmail from my new - and yellow - notebook; and then make an ebook and bluetooth the .jar file over to my phone's ebook folder.

So, I now read fiction anywhere, any time, without carrying an actual book - just a phone.


  1. Ted Mahsun says

    I would love to get a nice enough phone to read ebooks on. What nokia phone are you using and would it break my bank?

    (Incidentally, I've been lusting after an iPhone to use as an ebook device but cannot afford laa...)

    Leon Wing says

    Actually iPhone is going to be here in local stores soon. It might be cheaper than you'd expected, maybe even less than a thousand if some company like Telecom or Maxis carries it.

    Actually my phone is a very basic one, a Nokia 2630. I actually bought it cos it looked, and was, so very thin and small - no unsightly pocket bulges anymore.

    It'll certainly not break anyone's bank, for a mere 300-odd ringgit. (Do I hear a gasp?) You can surf the Net and get emails, very cheaply, as far as I'm concerned. I only used up 30 to 40 cents of my credit when I open my Gmail - and take as long as I like to read the stories sent. That's cos I'm only deducted from my credit for the bytes loaded - not for the amount of time I'm connected to the Web.

    Ted Mahsun says

    I've been hearing rumours about the iphone coming here as well...but for now I won't get too excited. Ah.. RM300+ for a phone isn't bad.

    Leon Wing says

    If I waited a little longer I could have gotten the new Nokia 3120 classic - about 600 to 700 odd ringgit - for a 3G phone!!!

    It's got a 2MP camera, plus another for video calling, a card slot, a better music player.

    Ted Mahsun says

    Ooh! I know that phone... I've had my eye on that as well.

    Leon Wing says

    Get it!! It's so cheap!!!!

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