Adrian Mitchell's last poem

My Literary Career So Far
by Adrian Mitchell

As I prowled through Parentheses

I met an Robin and a Owl

My Grammarboots they thrilled

like bees

My Vowelhat did gladly growl

Tis my delight each Friedegg Night

To chomp a Verbal Sandwich

Scots Consonants light up my Pants

And marinade my Heart in Language

Alphabet Soup was all my joy!

From Dreadfast up to Winnertime

I swam, a naked Pushkinboy

Up wodka vaterfalls of rhyme

And reached the summit of Blue Howl

To find a shining Suit of Words

And joined an Robin and a Owl

In good Duke Ellington's Band of Birds

Adrian Mitchell wrote this poem, on 18th December 2008. He died two days later, on the 20th, at age 76.

His obituary at Guardian, and at BBC.


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