A L Kennedy blogs

Apparently A L Kennedy, the prize-winning Scots author of Day, blogs, for New Statesman.

She can be quite funny (a quality carried over to her blog writing from her stand-up comedy?).  

Go read her latest posting, in which she thinks her "usual role as Temporary Village Idiot", in front of her creative writing class in Warwick University. She assumes a few of them are afraid of her, and that her colleagues attempt to portray her "as some kind of Godawful combination of Elizabeth Bathory, Simon Cowell and Bird Flu". But in the end she "turned out to be a terrible anti-climax".

And I'm chuffed to read that she is "perilously close to having finished the next book. Huzzah ! Watch this space – by the next blog I should be on to the next whateveritis I said I’d do".

Can't wait - for her next posting - and her new novel.


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