Boy 2 & Little Boy have a home together!

Last night after 9 pm a very young Malay couple came by my place to pick up Little Boy. It had been raining very heavily a few hours before and it was still drizzling a little then.

I had to coax Little boy out from under the car. Naturally, being still only a few months old he was still wary of humans, except me, of course. I carried him to the couple's car, getting a few scratches in the process.

We all got in their car, and I taught the young wife how to approach Little Boy the first time, by stroking him and whispering to him. Then I let her slowly take over, repeating what I had been doing, gentle strokes and whispers to calm LB down. I got out to bring back some dried cat food to make things a little easier for LB.

After things settled down a little somewhat, with me a little unsettled, with mixed emotions, happy that LB has a new home and sad that he was gone, the couple called me on my mobile. Thinking there was trouble in the car handling LB, probably he was scratching and hissing, they wanted to give LB back to me, they didn't want him anymore, I answered with trepidation. They wanted another cat, Boy 2.

It seemed Boy 2 was ingratiating him with the husband, rubbing against his leg while I was trying to get a hold of Little Boy. The wife thought Boy 2 ws so manja, she must have him, as well. Turned out Boy 2 was very much easier to handle.

At first he clung to me, then to the car seat's headrest, when I tried to let go of him while the wife held him. When finally he was in the wife's arms, Boy 2 calmed down and allowed her to stroke him. She was rather surprised Boy 2 was this easy to handle, as was I.

When it was time for me to exit from the car and say my last goodbye to Boy 2 (Little Boy was dozing at the back), I thought, even though it was dark inside, I saw Boy 2 looking at me with huge shining eyes, looking a little puzzled (can cats look this way?).

This might sound like a cliche scene, but, really, I was standing in the rain, waving goodbye to the cats as the car drove away, the rain water running down my face, together with my own tears.

I miss Boy 2 very, very, very much, it's so painful for me to give him up. But I should be happy for him now, too. And for Little Boy, he won't be so scared now that he has a big brother with him always. Both of them had got on very well together when with me.

Lots and lots of love to Boy 2, and to Little Boy, as well. Have a great life, you boys.


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