Last 2 cats now have a home

The last two cats now have a home - the same home as the previous two adopted by the nice young couple!

Yesterday was the last straw and ultimatum for them when in the morning the fish tank in the garden was found broken. I had to remove their boxes outside the front garden and if I still wanted to feed them it had to be way, way away from the house.

I was so desperate to spare the cats this that I nearly called up SPCA. Luckily someone remembered the couple who adopted the prevous cat and kitten. I wasn't hopeful when I called and explained to the wife the situation. I was so surprised and relieved when she accepted the two cats without any hesitation I broke down and blurb my thanks.

By evening I brought the cats directly to the couple's house. Fat Boy was still out gallivanting. The wife said he'd only be back very late, he loved to wander around. So I got to see Little Boy was getting on famously with the missus, who spoilt him thoroughly. He couldn't recognise his mummy cat and offered a hiss and a sharp extended paw in greeting. I was surprised mum cat didn't hiss and yowl and run around the place when released from the cat carrier. She let the couple stroke her but hid under the table then, and remained quiet there, while his second boy who came with her wandered around the place, up and down the stairs, exploring the place. This Boy allowed the couple to touch him, no problem. But I was a little disturbed that after I gave him a hug and kiss to say goodbye he turned his back away from me and did some strange growling.

I hope they'll have a great life as the other two are having. I miss them as much as I miss the other two cats, and it'll take just as long for me to get over this, more than a week. I came back at 11 pm or so, exhausted and emotional.


  1. bibliobibuli says

    i'm so glad your cats have found a loving home. just ask for visiting rights ...

    i've been through this so many times, giving away cats i've loved especially when a stray mummy cat kept coming into the house to give birth (once inside the sofa. once inside the writing desk.) we still have two of her kittens but found homes for all the rest.

    you will feel better knowing you have done your very best for the cats.

    and now you need to find a new home for yourself one day before too long where you can enjoy keeping cats.

    am glad to have such a compassionate friend, by the way ...

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