Kitties need your help

There are 2 Toms, 1 tabby and her tom kitten, that I'm feeding outside of the garden. Before, I was doing this inside the garden. I'm getting strong opposition to this: my household, except me, cannot abide by the cats being in the garden, and, worse, in the house. I cannot stand to see them live this way, with no nice shelter. So, I'm looking to find if anyone wants nice healthy cats as pets.

I don't really have any names for them. So, it's Boy 1 and 2, Mum, and the kitten is Little Boy. I've seen them grow up, and they can be very affectionate (to me), rubbing against my legs, following me to my car and greeting me when I get back. They let strangers pet them if they know instinctively they are not going to harm them. So, they know who to avoid most times(especially the rest of my household, who now shoo them out of the garden and squirt them with a water gun).

Here is how they all look like:

Boy 1

Boy is good at "boxing". Just bring your hand up to his face, and he'll raise his paw and try to cuff your hand.

Boy 2

Boy 2 does some "boxing", too. He's a bit heavier, you can feel it when you put your hand under his stomach when you carry him.

Little Boy

Little Boy has the most adorable face.


Mum is very handsome, looks like a mini cougar. A stray at first, but she's now used to me (and some people) petting and stroking her. She's a great mum, strongly protective of her litter. And she's not scared of dogs - she goes after them if they dare approach her.

Let me know, please, if you think you know of anyone looking for cats as pets?



  1. Anonymous says

    Hai saw your post. Have some queries if you don't mind :

    1. Are the cats still available?
    2. When you say healthy cats, what do you mean? ie as in they have been dewormed etc?

    They look really cute, and I would love to have them, though not so sure I can take all. I already have one at home and looking for company for him.

    Leon Wing says

    Hi Jules, luckily for the cats they're all taken. But if you are still looking for kittens, I can find a few tortoise-shell ones near my place. Last time I saw them they look very fat and healthy. The mother is a tabby I'm feeding at the back of the house.

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