iTunes-like Google book store in the works

Google is set to start a service where, instead of downloading music, like with iTunes, you download books, ebooks, that is.

An agreement to realise this is in the works with Google and key players in the US book industry.

How this works to benefit authors is : Whatever amount the downloader pays via the Net to Google's iTunes-like new site, 63% (Google pocketing 37%) will be passed on to the Book Rights Registry, who will then distribute it to the authors and publishers.

This new venture will ultimately benefit US students and researchers initially. Their universities and organisations will pay on their behalf institutional subscriptions, so that they can enjoy the benefits of choosing from up to 7 million already scanned books.

Just like way back once when iTunes forbid users outside of the US to purchase songs, I figure Malaysians will have to wait quite a bit before this new Google site will open to non-US residents.


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